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School Motifs

Binding the school into the community it is, and giving us a sense of identity and purpose are the motifs of the School Emblem, the School Motto and the School Anthem.
These continue to inspire the QMSer, long after her school life and bond together alll existing and past pupils into the QMS family.

The Emblem »

The School Emblem is worn on the badge and serves also as a logo for the QMS institutions.
The Crown is the Crown of Our Lady, and symbolises honour bestowed for high achievement. The "V" and "
K" are Virtue and Knowlege (also used as a motto for RNDM institutions worldwide,) the "QM" device is for Our Lady Queen of the Missions. And the laurel sheaves on both sides of the shield stand for success through labour.

The School Motto »

"Virtue and Knowlege"

The School Anthem »

Queen of the Missions let its banner fly high
Bless us we pray.
O Lord- we pray to you;
With virtues dear to you and knowledge clear and true
As students of this school we love it TRUE
We pledge before you, Lord, the ideals of our youth
The dreams of womanhood, we shall make true.
As we gather on this day, in a very special way,
We all sincerely say,
Long live our School Queen of the Missions

[Composed by Miss Preeti Majumdar]

As an ISA (International School Award) school, QMS weaves international learning into our School Life - a recurring motif for the school - as we strive for greater glory.

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