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School Rules

Pupils are expected to strictly abide by these Rules and observe the discipline of the school.

The school reserves the right to implement new policies, if and when required for the good of the school. Parents should also read these pages thoroughly as they have an equally duty to ensure that their wards comply with these Rules and maintain Conduct and Discipline. Parents who do not agree to comply/ensure their wards comply with all the rules and policies outlined here, should not admit their wards into Our Lady Queen of the Missions Park Circus.

General Information

1. Introduction: Our Lady Queen of the Missions is a private English-medium Anglo Indian School. It is also Christian Minority Institution recognised by the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, Government of India (Vide F. No. 1851 of 2006 - 16442 will be provided) and Department of Education of the Government of West Bengal, and is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, (School Code WB 012) for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (ICSE).

2. School session: From April to March.

3. School Hours: (7.45 am to 1.30 p.m. School gate closes at 7.55 a.m.)
Nursery 7.45 a.m. to 11.40 a.m. | K.G 7.45 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. | Classes I & II 7.45 a.m. to 12.20 p.m. | Classes III to X 7.45 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. | Club Activity (on Friday) 7.45 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

3b. Office hours: From 8.30 to 10.30 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

4. School ethos: Since we consider character formation of each student is of paramount importance and being a Christian institution, the classes of Christian Doctrine (Catechism) are taught to Christian students while other student attend classes of Value Education/Moral science.

5. Languages: Bengali and Hindi are taught as Second languages and are compulsory. French is taught as a third language from Classes V to VIII.

6. The Arts: Indian Classical Dances, Music, Art and Physical Training are part of our school curriculum.

7. Co-Curricular: Pupils are required to take part in co-curricular activities such as Debate, Drama, Games, Quiz, Music, Arts and Singing. Participation in activities and practice after the School hours/Saturday /Sunday may be deemed compulsory. Absence on grounds of attending coaching classes/private tuition will not be tolerated.

8. Action Groups: Leadership Training Service (LTS) for Classes VII to X; Bulbul - For Classes III to V; Guides - For Classes VI to X; YCS - Young Christian Students Movement is open to all Christian and Catholic girls of Classes VII to X. Various Club Activities are also available for students of Classes III to X.

Rules of Conduct and Discipline

1. Introduction: “Discipline is the bridge between goal and accomplishment” (Jim Rohn) The school believes that discipline is indispensable for progress in life and these rules are only guidelines to enhance communication, order and to create conducive atmosphere for learning. Parents are requested to co-operate with us to maintain order and discipline by insisting on regular attendance and punctuality from their children.

2. Correction: Any form of corporal or mental punishment is not permissible.

3. Attendance: Parents are expected to send their children regularly to School as Regular Attendance is a must for promotion to next class.

4. Absentees: a) It is compulsory for students to be present on the first day in a new academic session, failing in which the students will be will be charged a month’s fee before they can be allowed in the class. b) Students who are not present on the last working day before any holidays or on the first working day after the holidays and without the prior permission of the Principal will be charged a month’s tuition fee before they can be allowed in the class. c) Apart from the above mentioned days, students who have been absent from class must bring a letter from the parents stating the cause of absence besides filling in the School Calendar. In case of illness exceeding three days, a prescription and a fitness certificate must be submitted along with a letter, which should be addressed to the Principal. d) It is mandatory to obtain prior permission from the Principal for any special leave. No student is allowed to leave the School premises without the permission of the Principal. Early departures permitted only in the case of emergency in the home or when a student gets sick in the school.

5. Medical: Parents should inform the School authorities if their ward is suffering from any serious illness, chronic ailment, physical handicap or sensory defect (e.g. heart disorder or epilepsy etc.) In case of chicken pox, mumps or any other infectious diseases students must maintain the quarantine period of 21 days before they return to School.

6. Grounds for dismissal: Students whose presence, in the exclusive opinion of the Principal and school faculty, is not beneficial, or whose application is unsatisfactory or whose parents show little interest in their progress, will be requested to withdraw from the School. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, repeated disobedienceGrounds for, bad conduct, using unfair means in the exam, cheating, lying or stealing justify dismissal.

7. Policy on private tuitions: Parents are requested not to engage any Teacher of the school for private tuition. The school discourages Private Tuition.

8. Gifting: Students who wish to share their birthday joy with their classmates may bring only sweets/toffees and not any other gift items. Students are not permitted to give personal gifts to members of the staff.

09. Fund-raising/collections: No collection of money is allowed without the knowledge and consent of the principal.

10. Parent-Faculty interactions: Teachers can be interviewed by the parents only by appointments and with the permission of the Principal. A written application should be sent to the principal seeking an appointment. All communications with the teachers should be done only through the Principal in the school premises. Parents are not permitted to meet their wards during school hours.

11. Personal property: Story books, periodicals or newspapers of any nature should not be brought to the school by the students. Students are not permitted to bring to school mobile phones, iPods, Laptops, Tablets or any other items of value. In case of necessity, prior permission is to be obtained from the Principal. Personal property e.g. books, cardigans, bags and water bottle should bear the name of the owner. The school authorities are not responsible for the loss of any articles belonging to the pupils if they are not labeled.

12. Care of school property: School property of any description is to be treated with respect by the students. Damage done to any type of School property must be made good by the student concerned.

13. Child Safety: An Identity Card with a photograph of the student in School Uniform must be presented by every person collecting students from Nursery to Class II. Please ensure that these are kept safe and inaccessable from unauthorised persons. The school is not responsible for the students beyond the school premises.

14. Student culture: Students are expected to behave in a lady-like manner and show courtesy and politeness at all times on their way to and from school. Pupils are expected to behave themselves in a manner befitting the name of this institution, no matter where they may be.

15. Certificates: Parents who wish to obtain any certificate from school must send a written application to the Principal. Kindly note that the data for the certificate will be provided as per school records only.

16. Student data updation: Any changes with regard to the residential address or phones numbers of a student should be notified to the School office, to enable us update the relevant records.

Library Rules

1. Strict silence is to be observed in the library.

2. While taking a book, if any defect is noticed it should be brought to the notice of the Teacher.

3. Books lost or damaged must be replaced by the borrower.

4. Students should not borrow library books from one another.

5. Students are not allowed to keep any book longer than one week without permission. A fine of Rs. 100/- will be charged if the books are not returned on time.

6. Books must be returned before the holidays.

Classrooms sometimes experience students who are disruptive and/or find learning boring. The teacher therefore attempts to explain to the child the importance to learn; lest the student conclude that her behavior is permissible, and draw away from learning.

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