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Evaluation and Examination Policy

The thematic approach is favoured from Nursery to Class X. Through joyful group learning experience, exploration, discovery and experimentation the pupils learn in a positive and supportive environment.

They develop:
1 The basic skills of communication viz. speaking, writing, reading, calculating and creative art
2 The study skills of scientific and methodical learning viz. observation, classification, estimation, analytical reasoning and cause-effect relationships
3 The social skills of wholesome interaction with their peers viz. cooperation, sharing and mutual respect.


In order to be promoted to the next Class a student must secure:

1. Classes I & II: 50 percent of the aggregate marks in all subjects; Classes III to VIII: 40 percent of the aggregate marks in all subjects; Classes IX & X: 35 percent of the aggregate marks in all subjects.

2. The assessment copies and answer scripts of 1st Term are duly evaluated and handed over to the students to take home, to be seen by the parents before the distribution of Report Cards. Parents are requested to sign and return the copies to the school. Parent’s attention is drawn to the fact that the ability of the students to express themselves clearly and to present their class work neatly and accurately is taken into account in assessing their work in all subjects. Regular class assessment, Attendance and Daily Application will be considered for promotion. Active participation in co-curricular activities and project work, Art, SUPW etc. will be part of the internal assessment.

3. Nursery & K.G: Students will be assessed on their daily work and regular attendance.

4. Classes I & II: There will be two Assessments conducted for 80 marks which include class tests, project works and class work (55 + 25).

5. Classes III & IV: There will be two Assessments in the year. For the first Term, 55 marks for class tests, 25 marks for class work and project. For the Final Term one block test for 50 marks, two class tests for 15 marks and 20 marks class work.

6. Classes V to IX: There will be two Assessments in the year. First Term will comprise of one block test for 100 marks, one class test for 20 marks and 20 marks for class work. Final Term will comprise of one block test for 100 marks, one class test for 25 marks and 15 marks for class work.

7. Class X: There will be three assessments for 100 marks of which 80 marks for block test and 20 for class tests will be computed for the Report. Study leave will be granted to the ICSE students after their Pre -Board Examination.

8. Active participation in Co- Curricular activities, project work, SUPW and regularity in attendance are a must for all students.

9. The students must prepare their daily lessons at home, review their work before class and revise their lessons after class. Parents must insist on punctuality & regularity.

10. A pupil who misses a written assignment/block test will not be allowed to appear for the same at a later date. If the absence is justified, the matter will be taken into account at the time of promotion. Parents are therefore requested not to send their children who are ill or recovering from an illness for the assignment /test.

11. Any student with continued poor performance, in spite of repeated reminders for improvement from Teachers and the Principal, will be asked to withdraw at the end of the Academic Year, after the Final Examinations.

12. Any student who fails twice in will be required to withdraw from the School.


Evaluations and examinations appraise all concerned about attainment of goals; including those beyond academic outcomes. They signal problems that need to be addressed and therefore help us to improve.

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